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This is a list of the basic responsibilities that must be fulfilled in order to conduct a successful auction. Your organization may add to this list if other needs exist and the volunteers are available. These roles may consist of one or more persons (can be called a team fundraising basket ideas or committee) depending on the extent and special circumstances of your auction. One energetic person may even fulfill several roles by themselves!

Auction Overseer – Responsible for the main decision-making, keeps track of the budget, supervises other committees, and keeps everything on schedule.

Accounting Team – Keeps records of bidder information, auction purchases, payments and donations, and acts as clerk of the auction.

Invitation Team – Invites the guests that are most likely to contribute to your cause and uses their connections to influence the right people to attend.

Location Team – Arranges the location, organizes the layout of the room, responsible for the food and drinks, and manages the décor, lighting, and sound system.

Promotion Team – Uses the organization website, press releases, mailers, and other media to advertise the fundraiser to the public.

Printing Team – Produces invitations, signs, bid numbers, signs, auction catalog, bid sheets, silent auction posters, sponsor appreciation signs and any other printed material needed.

Donations Team – Acquires money-making items for the auction(s), separates items into silent auction or live auction, responsible for the display and details of each item, contributes to auction catalog, and ensures delivery of each item to the winning bidders.

Appreciation Team – Makes sure everyone at the event feels appreciated and sends a big “thank you” to auction donors, sponsors, guests, and volunteers after the event.

If your auction event will include a fund-a-need program, a video, special entertainment, extraordinary decorations, or a raffle, you will need to delegate those responsibilities to your volunteers as well. Because different tasks will require different personalities, everyone can contribute. For example, some will need a “people” person and some will need a detail-oriented person. Appreciate your volunteers and make sure that they understand how important their role is in producing a successful benefit event.


Fundraiser Silent Auction Entertainment Ideas – Portrait Photos and Boothomatic
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